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Epic Easter Hunt FAQ's

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Need help? Check our Frequently Asked Questions below

Camera not working

To play the New World Epic Easter hunt, you need to make sure your device has the camera enabled. The camera permissions can be found within the settings of your device. You’ll have to restart the app once you’ve done this.
• Go to the screen with all active apps
• Swipe the New World Epic Easter Hunt app off the screen
• Go back to the home screen
• Tap the New World Epic Easter Hunt app icon to launch it again

I can’t scan a Marker

The scanning tool within the Epic Easter Hunt app is very sensitive to many conditions such as light, reflections and size of the Marker when viewed through the screen. Any of these conditions may result in the Marker failing to scan. Here’s a few
tips on how to scan a Marker:
1. Ensure the Marker’s placed within the dotted lines you see on the screen when scanning for Markers.
2. Hold the device steady when scanning.
3. Use slightly different angles to minimise reflections from the background lighting and improve the scanner’s ability to read what’s seen on screen.

I can’t see any eggs

If you can’t see any eggs on the screen after the countdown, try looking all around the store – above you, below you, to your left, and to your right.

The game doesn’t seem to end

The game will continue to play until the 30 seconds have elapsed.

Can I keep playing the game after Easter? 

Yes, you can keep playing the game as long as you like – but please note that we will be removing the in store Markers after Easter Weekend, so you’ll need to keep hold of one of the other Markers (e.g. from the Mailer) at home to trigger the game. However, only eggs collected within New World count to your collection.

The Epic Easter Hunt runs from 12 March to 3 April 2018.

Please note New World reserves the right to update the app at some stage in the future to use for other promotional campaigns. Check your device’s update settings for details of when apps may be updated.

Can I change the contact details I've used in the competition?       

You can change the contact details each time you exchange eggs for entries, we remember your previously submitted details just to make it quicker to complete the process second time around (please read our Terms and Conditions for more details about what we do with your Personal Details).

No sound 

By default, the app’s sound will be set to ON. To turn the sound ON or OFF, please go to Settings (click the “cog” icon in the top right hand corner of your screen) and click the check box next
to the SOUND option to toggle the sound ON or OFF.

Mobile Device Compatabiltiy

Google Android Ecosystem / Supported Operating System Versions:

Devices running Android OS 4.1 – 8.0 e.g. Supported Devices would include:

  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  • Google Nexus 6P
  • Google Pixel 2 / 2 XL
  • Or other modern Android smartphones.

Apple iOS Ecosystem / Supported Operating System Versions:    

Devices running iOS 8.1 - 11.0.3   

Supported Devices:

  • Apple iPhone 5
  • Apple iPhone 5S
  • Apple iPhone 6 / 6+ / 6S / 6S+
  • Apple iPhone 7 / 7+
  • Apple iPhone 8 / 8+
  • Apple iPhone X

The App functions well on Tablet devices but only as an up-scaled mobile device.

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