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Summer Bags

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To celebrate the sweet summer, we’ve got a shopping bag to giveaway FREE when you spend $150 or more in-store. There’s three designs to collect over three weeks – but you’ll need to get in quick as stocks are limited!

Promotional Period

1. Foodstuffs (N.Z.) Limited (Foodstuffs) is the promoter of the New World ‘Summer Bag' (Promotion).

2. The Promotion is run through all New World supermarkets nationwide (Participating Stores).

3. Promotion is not available for online shopping at or in 'Fresh Collective by New World' stores. 

4. The Promotion runs for a limited time from 12 February 2018 to 04 March 2018 (Promotion Period) or until stock of Summer Bags have been depleted. 

5. By accepting a New World ‘Summer Bag', you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions. 

6. Foodstuffs may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time.

How do you qualify for a Summer Bag?

7. Each time you make an eligible purchase of $150 or more (spend excludes tobacco, cigarettes, gift cards, Christmas Club top ups, phone card top ups, and Lotto purchases) in a single transaction (Eligible Purchase) at a Participating Store during the Promotional Period, you will be offered, free of charge, a New World ‘Summer Bag’.

8. A customer is only able to receive one New World ‘Summer Bag’ for each Eligible Purchase.

Other things you should know

9. There will be one design released each week, with three to collect in total over the whole Promotion Period.  The Promoter is not able to guarantee that customers will receive a particular design.

10. The New World ‘Summer Bags’ have been produced under a creative licence from the relevant intellectual property owner or licensor.  Customers are not permitted to copy, reproduce or otherwise alter any intellectual property rights residing in a New World ‘Summer Bag’ or otherwise in the Promotion. 

11. While customers may on-swap New World ‘Summer Bags’, New World ‘Summer Bags’ must not be sold on. 


12. Any questions relating to this promotion should be referred to the Foodstuffs National Marketing Department on 09 621 1108 or email who will be able to assist you.  

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