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2018 Beer and Cider Awards - Coming Soon!

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The really good stuff will be announced here soon...

Our expert panel of 16 independent judges sniffed, swirled, sipped, tasted and debated nearly 600 different beers and ciders and awarded coveted Gold medals to worthy entrants. These very special brews are THE REALLY GOOD STUFF and all of them will be available in New World stores nationwide soon.

The Gold medal winners will soon be on their way into our warehouses ready to hit our New World stores in peak condition. The liquor managers are getting ready to receive these awesome brews and build great displays so you can easily find The Really Good Stuff. 

So stand by – we’re getting close to telling you who the Gold medal winners are, then you can grab The Really Good Stuff before it sells out…!

If you have any queries about the New World Beer & Cider Awards please contact Rachel Touhey on