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New World stores are locally owned operated and use local suppliers where they can.

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  • Fresh Collective by New World

    Our new Fresh Collective store is now open in Mount Albert.  see more

  • New World's Home Brands

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  • Christmas Club

    Take the stress out of Christmas with the New World Christmas Club. It’s the easy way to prepare for the festive season because you spread the cost of grocery shopping over 12 months.  see more

  • Starship

    see more

  • Environment

    As well as complying with all legislative and regulatory requirements, there is an organisation-wide focus on energy efficiency and waste reduction, which begins at head office level and runs through the warehousing and transport operations to the retail end of the business.  see more

  • New World Gift Cards.

    New World Gift Cards

    New World Gift Cards are the perfect gift for friends and relatives, allowing them to choose exactly what products they want at their local New World.  see more

  • News

    Stay up to date with the latest announcements and innovations from the New World team. You will also find the latest local news, events and achievements from New World stores around the country.  see more

  • Fuelup

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  • Fairtrade

    By New World

    New World is a proud supporter of Fairtrade, we stock one of the largest selection Fairtrade products nationwide-over 100 products–from vanilla, ice cream, bananas, chocolate, tea, coffee, coconut drinks and kombucha.   see more