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As well as complying with all legislative and regulatory requirements, there is an organisation-wide focus on energy efficiency and waste reduction, which begins at head office level and runs through the warehousing and transport operations to the retail end of the business.

SAY BAGS NOT to single-use plastic bags

At New World we’re committed to getting rid of single-use plastic bags as soon as possible, and to do this we’re making millions of long-life reusable bags available, expanding soft plastics recycling, and looking for sustainable alternatives for our customers. But, that’s the easy part – we also need to help change the habit of a lifetime!  


Ok New Zealand - let's get there together

New World is committed to reducing the impact of plastic waste in our environment – and the BagVote campaign was just the start.  


New World and SEACLEANERS are joining forces

New World and SEACLEANERS are joining forces to help clean up our waterways! 


We're now microbead free

As of 1 July 2017 there are no longer any products in our New World stores containing microbeads! 


Recycling soft plastic

Reduce, reuse and recycle – that’s the best way to reduce our impact on the environment. October 2015 saw the start of soft plastic packaging recycling at stores for the first time in New Zealand and it’s only getting bigger!


Store design 

The best way to reduce a stores environmental impact throughout its life is to get the design right at the beginning.


Energy efficiency

To reduce our footprint and demand on the network, energy efficiency is a priority item in the design of new stores and the refurbishment of existing ones.


Climate change and carbon emissions

Together with using more efficient technologies, all new store construction and major refurbishments over the last 2 years have had natural refrigeration systems installed. These new systems use CO2 rather than synthetic gases, reducing refrigeration related Green House Gas emissions by 99% resulting in the overall carbon footprint for the store shrinking by 45%.


Water conservation

All new stores are designed to minimise water use and wastage in accordance with the NZ Building Code and any applicable Council bylaws.


Waste Minimisation and Recycling

The new Waste Minimisation Plan for supermarkets has proved a great success with 115 stores transitioned across to the new arrangements by 2017.


Certificate and sourcing

Environmental Choice is the official environmental label in New Zealand. The ECNZ eco-label offers strong proof of environmental performance. A large range of EC certified products are available in Foodstuffs stores, from toiletry products and paper products through to cleaners and detergents. 


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