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D.I.Y Easter egg hunt


Easter egg hunt

How to make it a Magic Easter egg Hunt


Step 1: Choosing the eggs

You might want to use chocolate eggs, which are quick and simple and already

Or you might want to use plastic eggs, which you can fill with non-sugary treats.

Or, you may want to use decorative eggs, which can be traded for treats (3 eggs = 1 treat).

Step 2: Inside or out?

You may have a tiny house, or there may be giant thunderclouds outside – luckily a good Easter Hunt can work indoors or out.


Make a list of all the places you have hidden the eggs, so that after
the hunt, you can be sure that there are no eggs left behind.

The outdoors hunt

Be sure to consider the safety of those on the hunt, so avoid places like pools, ponds, electric boxes, garden sheds, or anywhere near roads or driveways.

Top 10 tips for places to hide your eggs:
  1. Behind trees
  2. In vegetable garden boxes
  3. Under swings/slides etc.
  4. In the sandpit
  5. Taped under outdoor chairs
  6. Under outdoor tables
  7. Under the stairs
  8. In the gumboots
  9. In a pot plant
  10. On a fence paling

If you’re doing it at night, you can use glow-in-the-dark stickers to help the eggs stand out!


The indoors hunt

Before you begin remember there are places in your home you might not want little people searching through (e.g. Laundry cupboards). Close off areas where there are no eggs with little signs.

Top 10 tips for places to hide your eggs:
  1. Taped under chairs
  2. In pot plants
  3. Inside lampshades
  4. Inside cabinets
  5. Under tables
  6. Behind doors
  7. Behind curtains
  8. Under beds
  9. On the window ledge
  10. Inside a shoe!
Step 3: EAT UP!

Now that you've found the yummy Easter eggs, it's time to enjoy them!