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Help pets in need

Help pets in need by donating non-perishable dog or cat food of any brand at your local New World between Monday 4 June - Sunday 1 July. 

Donations will go directly to local animal shelters. The following shelter organisations are participating: 

- Paw Justice –
- Pet Rescue –
- BOI rescue group
- Animal Re-homing
- Cat Foundation
- Gutter Kitties
- Bull Bridge Rescue
- Animal Control

- DC Rescue 
- Kitty Korner
- Turangi Animal Rescue
- Tiger Rescue
- Whangamata Cat Rescue

- Adopt a Dog Hawkes Bay 
- Animal Watch 
- Retired Working Dogs 
- HUHA (Helping You Help Animals Charitable Trust) 
- Dog Rescue Dunedin
- Furever Homes 
- Queenstown Cat Rescue
- Dogwatch Sanctuary Trust


pet rescue

Pet Rescue is the adoption arm of Paw Justice Charity. Pet Rescue aims to connect families looking for a pet with rescue animals in need of a home. Find out how you can give animals a second chance at life.


There are a number of other ways you can help – the biggest way would be to adopt a dog yourself, but if you cant or already have your own canine family member then there are several ways you can make a difference. Find out more how you can help.

paw justice

Paw Justice is standing up for the 1.6 million cats and dogs that live as part of a family in New Zealand. They unite good pet owners and animal lovers together to tell the nation that animal abuse is wrong and not to be tolerated. Find out more about Paw Justice.

Perishable, damaged, expired, or non-food products will not be accepted for donation. Mars NZ Ltd, New World, and animal shelter staff may remove any item that is considered unsafe or inappropriate.

For additional information about the pet food drive, please contact:
Mars NZ Ltd, P.O. Box 11534, Ellerslie Central, Auckland 1542
Phone 0800 610 906