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New World stores are locally owned operated and use local suppliers where they can.

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We’re rolling out our online shopping service across New World stores nationwide: I shop New World in the North Island and New World Food to Go in the South Island.

I shop New World

The service is now available in the entire Auckland region; wherever you are in Auckland, there is a New World store that will deliver to your home.

More stores around the North Island are being added every week. To see whether the service is available at your local store go to

There are two convenient ways to shop: Click & Collect and Delivery (available in certain areas; please download the app to find out if we deliver to a certain address).

The I shop New World website is coming soon. In the meantime, you can do your grocery shopping wherever you are and whenever it suits you, on your smartphone or tablet, using our mobile app. 

Download our app and start shopping now!

New World Food To Go

New World Food to Go is our South Island online shopping service, now available at New World Northwood.

You can order tonight’s dinner or plan your next function wherever you are, on your smartphone, tablet or computer. We have all your food-to-go options available online.

No need to wait in queues! Simply make your selection and collect at the Customer Service Desk at a time that suits you.

Go to for more information.

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