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Everyday items at great prices that last

Look out for the Everyday Value tickets on our shelves for great prices that last on everyday items.

Turks Corn Fed Free Range Drumsticks & Nibbles 1kg
$7.00 ea

Turks drumsticks 

Loose Carrots
$1.99 kg


Loose Brown Onions
$1.99 kg


Mainland Butter
$5.99 ea


Pams Milk Powder 1kg
$9.49 ea

Milk powder 

Value Fettucine Pasta 500g
$0.95 ea


Value Roasted & Salted Peanuts 750g
$5.29 ea


Pams Baking Paper Dispenser 35m
$6.99 ea

Baking Paper 
Pams Thai Green, Rendang or Beef Maasman Curry Rice Meal 450G
$9.99 ea
Pams Butter Chicken, Rice & Naan 520G
$9.99 ea



Butter Chicken 
Pams Chicken Tikka Masala or Butter Chicken Rice & Naan 520G
$9.99 ea
Tikka Masala 
Pams Ginger Beer or Lemon, Lime & Bitters 340ml 6 Pack Bottles
$4.89 ea
Value Cookie Double Chocolate Brownie 325g
$1.99 ea



Value Toilet Tissue 2ply White 4ea
$1.39 ea

Value Toilet Tissue 2Ply White 4Ea 

Value Sanitary Pads 10s-20s
$1.99 ea

Sanitary Pads 
Value Cocoa Puffs 600g
$3.99 ea


Value Cocoa Puffs 600g 
Pams Nappy Pants Junior 11s
$4.99 ea


Pams Nappy Pants Junior 11S 
Pams Walker Nappies 13s
$4.99 ea


Pams Walker Nappies 13S

Pams Flour 1.5kg Pure Plain
$2.29 ea

Pams Flour 1.5Kg Standard Pure Plain 
Pams Rice Jasmine 1kg
$2.80 ea


Pams Rice Jasmine 1Kg 
Pams Corn Kernel Whole or Creamed 410g
$1.19 ea

Canned corn 

Pams Tuna Chunks In Springwater 425g
$4.99 ea

Pams Tuna Chunks In Springwater 425g 
Pams Vege Crisps Mixed Multi 144g
$2.99 ea


Pams Vege Crisps Mixed Multi 144g 
Pams Vege Crisps Original, Sour Cream & Chives 150g
$1.99 ea
Vege chips 

Value Corn Whole Kernel/Creamed 410g
$0.99 ea


Tinned corn 
Value Table Spread 500g
$1.49 ea



Value Table Spread 500g 
Value Paper Towels White 2ply 1pk
$0.99 ea

Value Paper Towels White 2Ply 1Pk 
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